Therme Fohnsdorf

The mining History of village Fohns is a thematic starting point for the basic idea of the building and should be made perceptible in sensitive way. Thus the unmistakeable appearance of a free-washed and eroded Kohleflözes* serves – as a Konnex for the mining tradition of the place - as a model for the cover of the Therme. Accordingly has grown the Therme as a monolith in the area situiert, under Bedachtnahme in area movements and topography, as it were from the ground.

In the second step opens along the great form of axes which refer to the direct and other surroundings like castle Gabelhofen, slag heap, Grössing and Zirbitzkogel. The incisions originating from it, as it were "columns" in the rock, allow a produced light guidance, tensions between Inside and Outside in varying effect during the day as an exposure and at night as a lighting. The interior communicates with his surroundings. Openings and views are reduced, but are put deliberately. Stone, wood and plants round the effect in the interior and the harmonious colonnades invite along the atrium planted with grass for staying.

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