Rogner Therme Bad Blumau

Centre of the arrangement is the unique Thermal bath scenery with about 2.724 m of surface of the water. 11 different Inside and Outside thermal water washbasin from the 2 completely different springs Vulkania – the green lagoon and Melchior – the blue lagoon let forget hectic rush and stress and a new attitude to life originate. The wave washbasin full with fresh water provides for cooling – in summer a part of the Vulkania of remedial lake is also filled with refreshing fresh water.

Open: From 09:00 to 23:00

Rogner bath Blumau
A-8283 bath Blumau 100
Tel. +43 33835100

Weather conditions

Weather Rogner Therme Bad Blumau

3°C 1°C 10°C Mostly Clear Thursday 4°C 13°C Mostly Cloudy Friday