Nature, culture and rest in the Burgenland

Burgenland is a pleasure no matter whether you experience a Thermen visit or water sport in the Neusiedlersee lake, it is a good choice.

Nature, culture and rest in the Burgenland

They can walk with the friends through south castle country who visit Weinstrasse of bath Village Tatzmanns, or simply a shopping stroll by Eisenstadt enjoy - the Burgenland offers to his guests many possibilities for a diverse and restful vacation in the middle of wonderful natural landscape, with friendly inhabitants.


  • Rosalia
  • Neusiedlersee lake
  • Solar country medium castle country
  • South castle country
  • Hot springs

Walking and riding a bike Burgenland enjoyment

The region Rosalia is removed only few kilometres from Eisenstadt. Rosalia is divided into 13 municipalities and lies exactly with the east edge of the Viennese washbasin, with a nature reserve, suitable for wanderings or bicycle tours. Special attraction asks the castle Forchtenstein. It was built on a Dolomitfelsen in the 13th century and remained very well-preserved till this day. In the north of the Burgenland many other cultural monuments and natural monuments also expect the visitor.

Cultural highlights of the region

In summer in the Burgenland find instead of number row, worth seeing cultural events. We can enjoy every year on the sea stage in the new colonist lake the seaworthy plays Mörbisch. The castle plays village Kobers are especially recommendable, it is a fun for big and small guests, and in meadows with numerous festivals the stars to all possible music directions gather.