The Viennese wine bar

Often sung, everywhere famously: The Viennese wine bar belongs to the town like the big dipper, the singer's boys or the Stephansdom.

The Viennese wine bar

All the same, on account of earthy traditional wine bars or moulder urbane restaurant – in the centre pleasure and sociability stand in comfortable, informal atmosphere. To receive this tradition and to improve constantly the quality of the Viennese wine bars, the association „The Viennese wine bar“ was founded in 2003. 63 checked and stated member's companies spoil with high-quality Schmankerln, wine and real Viennese hospitality.
At home with the wine bar

„Not at home and nevertheless at home“ – what the belletrist Alfred Polgar said once about the Viennese coffee house, probably applies also to the Viennese wine bar: A place for feeling fine, enjoyment and soul allow to dangle.

The real Viennese wine bar, recognizably in the little pine coach before the house, is a living expression of a tradition cultivated since centuries. In 1784 emperor Josef II remitted an order which allowed to the winegrowers to pour out wine from own production. In addition one enjoys in comfortable rooms or in the garden lusciousness of the home-baked bread spread up to the crunchy roast. Unconstrained atmosphere, comfortable company and an authentic Viennese wine in the glass – this puts out the Viennese wine bar. What puts out a real Viennese wine bar? The pine bush before the house? The earthy atmosphere? The culinary Schmankerln? It is a mixture of all and still even more which makes the Viennese wine bar so unique.

The real Viennese wine bars distinguish themselves by her genuineness which expresses itself in the easy however comfortable atmosphere and equipment, by the Typizität of her wines which reflect the characteristic features of region, situation and kind, as well as the offered dishes, which from fresh, seasonally co-ordinated, home products are prepared. A real wine bar is to be thought where the winegrower is at the same time also the landlord, because it may be poured out excluding wines from own cultivation. Traditional alcohol-free alternatives in the wine bar repertoire are grape juices and fruit juices from own production as well as the typical Viennese Kracherl and Almdudler.