Heiltherme Bad Sauerbrunn

The health centre bath Sauerbrunn has become meanwhile a known institution which has specialised in the treatment of discomfort of the movement apparatus and supporting apparatus, functional Herz-Kreislauf-Erkankungen, illnesses of the kidney and the deriving urinary ways, metabolism disturbances as well as vascular illnesses. Already since 1901 bath Sauerbrunn is an approved health resort. In a depth of 1,000 m of course seeming remedial mineral waters, his high magnesium salary and the CO2 gas freely climbing up from the spring distinguish the unique therapeutic mixture. In 2004 it was opened the Heiltherme which are fed from own thermal water spring.

Since 1985 special therapy uses and stimulating offers are developed in the health centre bath Sauerbrunn all around these natural remedies. The main focuses of the health centre which is managed since 2007 by the worldwide leading health service provider VAMED form on the one hand health resort stays and special prevention offers, on the other hand, however, also the possibilities for the (ambulant) rehabilitation for cancer patients. And with great success: More than 83,000 health resort company used the health centre during the past 25 years.

7202 Bad Sauerbrunn, Hartiggasse 4,
Tel. +43 2625 300
E-mail: info@die-heiltherme.at
Web: www.die-heiltherme.at