Kärnten Therme

The KärntenTherme draws from the full. 40 million liters daily from six sources. Deeply flowing from the earth's interior.
Detectable of calcium-magnesium-bicarbonate type. Noticeable the elemental force of the Earth's interior. Pressure and heat let this particular water ripen. Before it comes to light with temperatures between about 25 and 29 ° C. The genius loci, a blaze of blessing. Abundance in the very best sense.
For the water hungry and adventurous in the KärntenTherme the thermal water is optimally prepared. FunBecken and CrazyRiver spoil with a chubby 32 ° C.

Movement tigers in the sports pool dive into refreshing 24 to 26 ° C. The outdoor thermal pool not only indulges with miraculous massage tables - it also tickles with a blissful 32 ° C. Special offer for the squeak-delighted minis: well-tempered thermal water in the 30 cm-shallow infant pool.The unique thermal waters of Warmbad-Villach - in the blue-and-white atmosphere of the KärntenTherme, life comes to life ...

KärntenTherme Warmbad-Villach
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Email: kaerntentherme@warmbad.at