Ybbstaler Solebad - Göstling

Ybsstaler Sole Bath Göstling - impresses with a small however fine bath scenery, The external experience washbasin with a current canal, several mineral water benches and Sprudler. With a pleasant water temperature of 32 °C and underwater lighting effects LED one can relax very well. The sports washbasin with a length of 16.67 m. Here, moreover, we find mineral water lying and massage nozzles for a gentle being relaxing massage, child washbasin with pleasant 32 °C with "Kobri-queue children's slide" and a play of water.

So that our sauna company can optimally relax after the infusions and sauna ways, the underwater massage nozzles, Bodensprudler and mineral water benches offer perfect taking it easy possibilities. The water temperature between 32 and 34 °C loads for switching off and activity let. Fill up with new energy for the everyday life - far away, in absolute rest in the midst of the unberürten nature and dive one in a world of the relaxation.


Opening times
Monday - Thursday and Sunday 9:00 – 22:00
Friday and Saturday 9:00 – 23:00

On days before holidays till 23:00 

Ybbstaler Solebad Göstling
Oberkogelsbach 21
A-3345 Göstling/Ybbs
Tel: +43 7484253530 

Weather conditions

Weather Ybbstaler Solebad - Göstling

6°C 2°C 8°C Mostly Cloudy Thursday 5°C 11°C PM Light Rain Friday